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Jenny's Sewing Studio BlogVisit Jenny's Sewing Studio Blog! Our Blog is our News magazine with advice about Sewing and Embroidery Machines, Software, Videos, Parts,..

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Sewing Classes at Jenny's Sewing Studio

Sewing Classes at Jenny's Sewing StudioLearn to Sew, Learn to use your sewing machine and your serger, learn to quilt, learn to crochet and knit and more at Jenny's Sewing Studio! I now teach "One On One" classes at my home studio. email me for information and to schedule an appointment.
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futura seminar April 2010Every day I am hearing about new ideas from the sewing world. Lately I have been noticing a marked increase in the demand for local learn to sew lessons here in Salisbury, MD. I have enjoyed helping several young sewers understand the new or older machine they own and how to get started with a sewing craft that will serve them their entire life. Jenny now offers "One on One" sewing lessons at her home studio at 1030 south Schumaker Dr in Salisbury, MD by appointment only.To see our latest class schedule click on this link.

Singer FuturaMachine Embroidery is a specialty of Jenny's Sewing Studio! If you would like to make your own embroidery designs try The Singer Futura! Take a look at the videos we have on line that are free for you to view and see how much this software.
Juki Seger stitchesSergers are to sewing machines like a stove is to a microwave. It sure makes the sewing process much faster and easier to do. If you own a serger, you will say you can not live without it once you start to use it. I teach serger instruction and quilts you can piece by Serger.



Sewing Classes

sewing classesLearn to Sew, see our sewing class schedule

One on one sewing classes at Jenny's home studio. By appointment only!

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What's New at Jenny's

Blue Fig carrying casesSee our full line of Blue Fig sewing machine carrying cases and roller bags! Visit our Blue Fig Pinterest page to see all the current and past carrying case styles and colors.
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The Singer Futura embroidery machine Futura seminar is taught at Jenny's Sewing Studio.  Click here for prices and availability on the Singer Futura embroidery machine. Also visit Jenny at Facebook Singer Futura embroidery .

Compucon Stitch and Sew embroidery software!  Works on all embroidery machines. . Join the Stitch and Sew Facebook page.
Serger sewing Basics. Take a class at Jenny's and learn how, Join our facebook page and pin your ideas at Pinterest serger facebook

Video offered by Jenny's Sewing Studio

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"Check out the library of free instructional sewing and embroidery videos now available in our gallery at Jenny's Sewing Studio. "

Free Embroidery Design

Free Embroidery Design at Jenny's Sewing StudioClick here and you will get free embroidery design! Jenny's Sewing Studio has saved the free embroidery designs in a few popular formats for most embroidery machines.